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A-1 Janitorial Services in Lawton, OK is Southwest Oklahoma’s premier contract commercial cleaning service specializing in all facets of commercial janitorial services and commercial office cleaning.

I encourage you to tour our janitorial services website including our Janitorial Blog full of informative articles designed to help you, our potential client, understand the many benefits you’ll derive from contracting with a truly professional janitorial service.

Choose A-1 Janitorial Services in Lawton, OK. to care for all your janitorial needs.  Consider just a few of the professional janitorial services we offer…

Commercial Janitorial ServicesLawton Janitorial Services, Lawton, OK

Customized janitorial service contracts for nightly, weekly and monthly cleaning.  We realize every business has unique challenges and janitorial needs.  We happily spend whatever time is necessary developing a janitorial program that fits your needs and will work closely to refine your building services program to be both efficient and cost-effective.

Hard Surface Floor Care

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We use the latest floor finish technology to keep your floors protected and looking their absolute best.  Stripping and waxing are labor intensive, but we won’t cut corners, we clean them.  Edges are scraped and years of discolored, filthy wax build-up is removed, never to return.  The results are as you see here.

Our ceramic and grout cleaning services will restore the original colors to your hard surface floors while removing accumulated filth that penetrates and fills grout lines.

Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Carpet Cleaning Lawton OKInterim and restorative carpet steam cleaning programs to keep your carpets clean & bright.

Regular carpet cleaning adds years of life to carpets by removing the microscopic grit that cuts into those fibers producing premature wear and discolored traffic areas that, in time, can only be resolved by expensive replacement.  We can institute a money-saving carpet cleaning routine that will keep your carpets looking new as well as preserving its life.

Window Cleaning Experts

Lawton Window Cleaning Lawton, OK

Let us make your windows invisible with a professional squeegee window cleaning.

Streak free windows speak volumes about your company.  They’re just a pleasure to behold.   However, in Southwest Oklahoma’s windy, dusty environment, a regular cleaning program needs to be arranged.  We’ve been cleaning windows professionally for more than 35 years.  Whether you’d like to get them cleaned for a special event, or incorporate a regular window cleaning routine, we can get the job done right.

White Glove Restroom Sanitizingjanitorial services

We will sanitize, brighten and deodorize your restrooms with keen attention to detail.

Outstanding Customer Service – Our Hallmark

A-1 Janitorial Services, Inc. has over 35 years of commercial cleaning experience and an impressive list of long-term janitorial customers who rely on us to keep their offices looking their best.  Our customer service is the hallmark of our company and unsurpassed by any other professional cleaning services company.  In the rare event that you have a service issue you can expect no unwelcome excuses, just a quick “can-do,” “we’ll get it taken care of right away” response.   If that’s the kind of service you’ve been looking for, then Contact us for a free, no-obligation proposal to professionally clean your facilities.  We promise to take great care of you.

Janitorial services and office cleaning are highly labor intensive and customer service oriented fields and we’re very good at them!  We’ve been providing janitorial services for Lawton, OK for more than 17 years now.  We’re proud to service many long-term commercial customers in our Lawton community who have carefully selected A-1 Janitorial Services as the “best of breed” commercial office cleaning company to maintain their buildings.  We’ve never taken their confidence in us for granted and we never will.  Be sure to include A-1 Janitorial Services in your next round of commercial cleaning bids.


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