Curtis Elliott

A-1 Janitorial Service Manager
Designation : President/CEO

There is simply no substitute for customer service. A business owner cannot afford to render anything less than outstanding customer service to his clients.  Everyone makes mistakes, employees will occasionally disappoint.  However, I’ve learned that if you accept responsibility and do everything possible to make matters right, business professionals will highly value that approach and work with you to build an enduring partnership.

I have always believed that if you put the customer first, he will be a customer for life and your satisfied customers will grow your business for you. That pragmatic and timeless approach to running a janitorial company has enabled us to keep our customers for many, many years. That is something you don’t often see in this industry–customer loyalty. Our goal here at A-1 Janitorial has always been to keep our clients for life. In fact, many of our clients have been with us for fifteen to twenty years…or longer.  I’m very proud of that. If you contract with us to be a part of your team, I personally promise to add value to your company and make you look good to your superiors, even if your only superiors happen to be your customers.