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Save Money: A-1 Janitorial’s Exclusive S.A.V.E. Program

The A-1 Janitorial Services Exclusive S.A.V.E. Program Here at A-1 Janitorial Services, we are constantly searching for ways to create value for our clients.  Budgets are tight these days and unfortunately many companies are cutting back on essential janitorial and office cleaning services.  As a business operating in tough economic times, we understand the dilemma.  However, dirty buildings […]


Professional Cleaning Service – How to Choose Q&A

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service?  How do I Choose Wisely? Q&A What questions should I carefully consider before selecting a professional cleaning company to clean my facility? How can I avoid problems and lessen potential liability and legal issues? Are there any risks to contracting with a professional cleaning franchise? Consider the following three important […]


Professional Cleaning Services – Don’t Cut Corners!

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?   Beware of the “professional cleaning service“ lacking expertise! Failing to require liability insurance is like playing financial Russian Roulette. What’s the worst that could possibly happen if my “professional cleaning service” isn’t really professional?   Very good questions!  Let me start by saying that it’s one thing to hire a cleaning […]


The Best Janitorial Service in Lawton, OK!

Why Choose A-1 Janitorial Services? You’ve decided it’s time to outsource your company’s janitorial services or maybe you’ve just gotten fed up with your existing service.   The time has come to get a new proposal from a top-quality janitorial company who understands your goals.  Why consider A-1 Janitorial Services?  Here are 5 reasons we think […]