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A-1 Janitorial Service

Janitorial ServiceWhy Choose A-1 Janitorial Services?

You’ve decided it’s time to outsource your company’s janitorial services or maybe you’ve just gotten fed up with your existing service.   The time has come to get a new proposal from a top-quality janitorial company who understands your goals.  Why consider A-1 Janitorial Services?  Here are 5 reasons we think you’ll appreciate:

1) Quality Service = The bottom line!

You’re looking for consistent quality.  You just want clean, stocked restrooms, floors mopped, trash emptied, carpets vacuumed…Is that so hard?!?  Well, it shouldn’t be.  After all, isn’t that what a professional cleaning service is supposed to provide.  Yes!  Once you’ve described your expectations and accepted a proposal to provide those services, you just want them done without cutting corners.  We get it!

“We’re not satisfied until we’ve exceeded your expectations.”

Our success depends on giving you consistent, quality janitorial services.  Our motto is:  “We’re not satisfied until we’ve exceeded your expectations.”  That may be our bottom line, but at A-1 Janitorial Services it’s also our top priority.  We don’t expect you to settle for anything less than top-quality cleaning services.

Customized Janitorial Service For Your Company

2) Flexible Proposals

Every business, building and staff are unique.  These three differences need to be factored into a well thought-out proposal.  Very few companies want a canned, one-size-fits-all approach to their facility maintenance.  Flexibility is exactly why we need to do a walk-through of your building.

Often, we can suggest service frequencies and cleaning routines that address the higher traffic areas while saving money by reducing services in less traveled areas of the building.  Do your inside windows need to be cleaned as often as your outside windows?  Will properly sized entrance mats and rugs help reduce wear & tear in the rest of the building?  Would a properly designed floor maintenance schedule reduce the need for frequent, costly stripping and waxing while keeping the luster at a maximum?  We could go on…  The point is that A-1 Janitorial Services will carefully factor in your goals with money-saving suggestions to maximize your cleaning dollar.

Professional Janitorial Services3) Conscientious, Well-Trained Cleaners

These are the people who are in your building usually after hours.  You don’t know them personally.  They weren’t even interviewed and vetted by your company’s HR department.  No worries.  We handle all those tasks for you.  We have very high standards regarding the people we employ to service the Banks, Credit Unions, Medical Facilities, Industrial firms and Municipal buildings in Lawton.

We hire team members who already display trustworthiness.  We’ve have numerous experiences of our people finding cash accidentally thrown away by bank tellers.  Vault doors accidentally left unlocked, lost jewelry located and returned.  We survive because our people are honest and trustworthy.

Dependability is an absolute must for a janitorial company to survive.  You shouldn’t have to worry whether the company will show up to clean your building when scheduled.  We are layered so that if an employee becomes ill or experiences any other unforeseen problem, your facility will still be serviced as expected.  Even during the most inclement weather we will be there to clean, unless, of course, employee safety dictates that everyone stay home.

Our people are well-trained.  Regardless of past experience, all cleaners are trained by A-1 management in the safe, effective use of cleaning agents, cleaning techniques and safety procures.  Quality control inspections assure that we maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Janitorial Customer Service

4) Outstanding Customer Service

We would love nothing more than to tell you that our janitorial service team members are flawless, but we’re just too honest for that.  We occasionally make a mistake, miss something that should have been cleaned, etc.  As a business manager you know that’s inevitable in any company despite the hard work and energy invested in training and supervising your staff.  However, what we can offer is near flawless, outstanding customer service.

You’re not looking for a list of flimsy excuses.  You just want the issues resolved.  We get that.  We’re happy to quickly and effectively address any concerns or issues that may arise.  We pride ourselves on nothing less than outstanding customer service.  It is the hallmark of our company.  We will never lose sight of these 5 core ingredients to providing outstanding customer service because we actually care about our customers.

5) A full-service Janitorial CompanyA-1 Janitorial Service

Why would anyone want to hire one company to perform regular light duty cleaning and then have to search for another company to strip & wax the floors and another to clean the carpets, etc?  We’re sure you’d agree that amounts to a lot of wasted time and effort, right?  Security issues, paperwork, time spent in contacting and getting bids, checking references, more people to deal with and the list goes on.

A-1 Janitorial Services is a full-service, one-stop cleaning company.  Our list of cleaning services includes all of the following:

We know our business and we do it well.  So, if flexible, quality service, trained, conscientious cleaners, outstanding customer service and a full-service janitorial company is what your looking for, you’d be hard pressed to choose a better service than A-1 Janitorial in Lawton, OK.


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