Professional Cleaning Services – Don’t Cut Corners!

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Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

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Beware of the professional cleaning service lacking expertise!

Failing to require liability insurance is like playing financial Russian Roulette.

What’s the worst that could possibly happen if my “professional cleaning service” isn’t really professional?


Very good questions!  Let me start by saying that it’s one thing to hire a cleaning service; It’s quite another thing to contract with a professional cleaning service.  Sadly, in Lawton, OK as in most any other city across America, all it takes to start a so-called “professional cleaning service” is a business card. Nowadays you can get those free on the internet, or easily print them at home on a computer printer).  The risks associated with contracting with the wrong “professional cleaning service” are tremendous.  Let’s describe a few of them:

Lack of Professional Cleaning Service Expertise

Improper cleaning chemical usage can destroy expensive fixtures.  To cite a few examples:  We’ve come across chrome faucets damaged irreparably due to leaving the wrong chemical to dwell too long on the fixture.  Along a similar vein, we’ve seen stainless steel water fountains burned by strong acids.  Stainless steel fixtures should last a lifetime, that is until they are “cleaned” by the wrong person using the wrong chemical.

We’ve seen glass entry doors and windows scratched because a razor blade was used incorrectly in an attempt to scrape off debris.  Even using the wrong color of nylon scrubbing pad can scratch glass and mirrors.  Do you really want an inexperienced cleaning service to learn from their mistakes on your building?  A professional cleaning service is trained to match the right cleaning product along with the right cleaning procedure to the right task.

Lack of Safety Training

Untrained and unskilled cleaning services are often unaware of even basic safety procedures.  For example: If the so-called professional cleaning service mixes bleach with ammonia in an attempt to clean a toilet, a floor or a window, they’ve just mixed a deadly concoction resulting in potentially deadly chlorine gas.  Many a housewife has died in an attempt to created the perfect cleaning solution.  Here’s a link describing the dangers when a Buffalo Wild Wings employee died making this all too common mistake of mixing bleach and acid.  We cringe when we see bleach in any commercial building’s janitorial closet!

Not to be overlooked are several other potential safety hazards when hiring the wrong “professional” cleaning service:  Many so-called professional cleaning services fail to take the precaution of using “wet floor” signs when cleaning in the presence of office personnel.  Untrained cleaning staff are often oblivious to many potential hazards they create while performing their cleaning duties.

Inexperienced professional cleaning services may also neglect important security measures designed to protect them and your building from unwelcome intruders.  These criminals use smooth techniques to dupe an unsuspecting janitor in order to gain unlawful entry to a building after hours.  A professional cleaning service will have properly documented safety procedures designed to protect its cleaning staff and keep your premises secure.

Are they properly insured?  Don’t play financial Russian Roulette!

The examples mentioned above are also perfect examples illustrating the importance of carrying commercial liability and property damage insurance.  Maybe you’re the risk-taking, gambler who calculate the odds of injury to your staff or customers as minimal.  However, if someone is injured due to negligence on the part of your cleaning personnel, is your business covered?  If the professional cleaning service damages your property as a result of their lack of professional cleaning experience, are you protected?

Many start-ups or house cleaners turned commercial cleaning companies don’t have the financial resources to repair or replace expensive, damaged items, and they most certainly don’t have the funds to cover the medical cost of those who may be injured as a result of careless cleaning procedures and lack of industry approved safety training.  A professional cleaning service will carry a healthy amount of commercial liability insurance for their protection and yours.

In conclusion, just because someone hands you a business card claiming to be a professional cleaning service doesn’t mean they have the level of training, expertise or experience you should be looking for.  The price may be right, but not if it potentially leads to paying a much higher price in potential tort lawsuits, replacing damaged property or the healing the migraines you suffer while supervising a so-called professional cleaning service to do the job correctly.  Contracting with professional cleaning services is serious business!  Avoid the risks and hassles and stick with proven professional cleaning service like A-1 Janitorial Services in Lawton, OK.

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