Sid Villalon

A-1 Janitorial Service
Designation : Account Manager/Quality Control

The goal of any Account Manager should be to not only anticipate the evolving needs of the client, but to locate, identify and resolve potential problems before the client is ever affected by them.  Only by performing regular facility inspections can these goals be achieved.  We must be willing to lose sleep so the client doesn’t have to.

Regular communication is absolutely necessary. From the outset, we strive to know our clients goals and surpass them.  Our clients should be able to relax knowing they’re in capable hands—knowing that we’re taking care of the important business they have entrusted to our company.  For us, it’s not enough to meet the clients expectations, we always endeavor to exceed them.  At A-1 Janitorial Services we really mean it when we say, “quality may be the bottom line, but it’s our top concern”.