A-1 Janitorial Confidentiality Agreement

Employee Confidentiality Agreement

  • For valuable consideration, the Employer (A-1 Janitorial Services, Inc.) and Employee (whose name appears below) agree as follows:

    1. The Employee agrees to keep all the Employer's & Employer’s customer’s personal information, business secrets, or any other information which Employee may become aware of during his/her employment confidential at all times during and after the term of Employee's employment. Employer's & Employer’s customer’s business secrets include any information regarding the Employer's customers, supplies, finances, research, development, manufacturing processes, or any other technical or business information.

    2. The Employee agrees not to make any unauthorized copies of any of Employer's business secrets or information without Employer's consent, nor to remove any of Employer's business secrets or information from the Employer's facilities. The Employee will not read or study any information found in any of the facilities he/she is hired to clean.

    3. The parties agree to the following additional terms: The Employee will not discuss with anyone the amount of time required to clean or maintain any facility under his/her care.

    4. The Employee understands that failure to comply with the above may result in civil or criminal liability, which may result in fines, penalties or civil litigation.

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